The Hospital Alemão Oswaldo Cruz (Oswaldo Cruz German Hospital) has developed this website according to the W3C international standards to attend to different types of special needs among its users. It makes it easier to use accessibility tools and provides text alternatives for non-text elements. The TAB key allows you to navigate through the website elements that can contain some sort of interaction like links, forms, and buttons.

Below are some recommendations for technologies that can help users to navigate more easily, working in conjunction with the development patterns used on this website.

Free Softwares


NVDA is a free screen reader for computers running Windows. It can be installed on your computer or run directly from a USB drive, and it reads content in over 43 languages. This software also advises users of spelling errors and changes in text formatting, and provides support for Braille displays.

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DOSVOX is a free operating system developed by the Electronic Computing Center at UFRJ (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro) for visually impaired users. It has a voice synthesizer in Portuguese which allows the system to communicate with the user and facilitates daily tasks in software and websites.

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Commercial Software


JAWS is the best-known accessibility software in the world designed for visually impaired users who cannot see content on the screen. It provides audio and Braille outputs for the most popular software on your computer, in over 30 languages.

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Virtual Vision

Virtual Vision looks for information on software and web pages to find content that can be read to the user. This permits navigation through menus, screens, and texts in almost any application. Navigation takes place through a standard keyboard and sound comes through a sound card on your computer.

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