Oswaldo Cruz German Hospital

The recognition and experience accumulated throughout the history of Oswaldo Cruz German Hospital result from years dedicated to healthcare at all stages: from prevention and emergency to treatment and post-discharge, with the latest technology and highly qualified team of professionals. In addition, investments in infrastructure, training and, especially, knowledge generation are made constantly.

Being fully aware of its role in society, the Hospital is increasingly focusing on sustainability, once aware that the environmental health is directly related to the people’s health.

About Coronavirus

How to prevent Coronavirus?

Coronavirus Prevention: Know all the measures you should take to prevent COVID-19.

Coronavirus Test: When to do it?

You know that there was a significant increase in the number of cases of the new Coronavirus in Brazil. But there is no reason to panic. Check out the video with our infectologist and coordinator of the Hospital Infection Control Service at Hospital Alemão Oswaldo Cruz, Dr. Ícaro Boszczowski, and learn more about the Coronavirus test.

Sustainability Report

Integrated Report 2021
As part of the institution’s commitment to its stakeholders and to transparency in the work it does, the Hospital Alemão Oswaldo Cruz is publishing its first Sustainability Report.

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